P. Smit B.V.

P. Smit B.V. Constructiewerkplaats started on the 1st of April 1932 being a local blacksmith and has developed into a recognized and modern construction- and welding workshop since.
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  ISO 3834        ISO 9001       EN 1090

Characterising P. Smit B.V. is the customer specific approach, the availability of modern resources and machinery, and delivering a flexible and high quality product and / or service.

What we do

Each customer request is handled with personal care and attention, whereby the principle "there is a solution for each problem" results in nearly all products to be customer specific. Transport to-, construction at-, and assembly on client worksite, both on- and offshore, are also service capabilities.


Some of our projects

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Company info

about us (summary)

  • Welding, construction, and/or repair on a client specific project basis;
  • Custom-built construction work, optimised to project requirements;
  • Supply of trained and certified personnel, also for offshore activities;
  • Provide the full service from planning, construction, logistics to installation;
  • Products such as: offshore transport frame, box corer, piston corer;
  • On site welding / installation, such as sea fastening, spools, etc.
  • Variety of materials supply, i.e. carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, etc.
  • Standard: EEMUA 158, ASME IX, AWS D1.1/1.6, EN 15614, client spec.;
  • Welding: SAW, GTAW, FCAW/GMAW, SMAW, etc.


Facilities and machinery

  • Workshop with 2 overhead cranes of 8 ton each, 1 overhead crane of 2 ton;
  • Workshop for handling stainless steel;
  • Workshop for machining, removal, cutting, etc. of metal objects;
  • Workshop for handling various sizes conductor piping, from 18 5/8″ to 40″;
  • Lathe: capable to Ø 660 mm and 1500 mm between centres;
  • Milling machine: table size 1300 x 320 mm;
  • Plate folding/bending machine: folding up to length 3000 mm, force 160 ton;
  • Plate cutting machine: thickness to 12 mm, length 3000 mm, carbon steel;
  • Plate roller: 2000 x 10 mm, carbon steel;
  • Drilling machine: up to Ø 72 mm;
  • Autogeen CNC cutting machine;
  • Sawing machines: up to Ø 450;
  • Punch machine: holes up to Ø 45 mm


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