P. Smit B.V.

P. Smit B.V. Constructiewerkplaats has grown sinds 1 april 1932 from a local blacksmith to a modern construction- and welding workshop.
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ISO 3834-2
ISO 9001

Characterising for the company is the customer specific manner with modern production resources, at flexible and a qualitatively excelent product and / or service deliver.

What we do

Nearly all made products are customer specific, were for each "problem" a correct solution is found. Transport and assembly on site, both on- and offshore, also belong to our tasks.


Some of our projects

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Company info

In short about us:

  • Workshop with 2 overheadcranes of 8 ton each;
  • Separate workshop for stainless steel production;
  • Teach-In Lathe: capacitity till Ø 540 mm and 1500 mm between centers;
  • Lathe: capacitity till 660 mm and between centers 1500 mm;
  • Millingmachine: table 1300 x 320 mm;
  • Plate Folding/bending machine: folding up to length of 3000 mm, pressure 160 ton;
  • Platecutting machine: thickness up till 12 mm with a ength of 3000 mm, carbonsteel;
  • Plateroller: 2000 x 10 mm carbonsteel;
  • Drillmachine: up till Ø 72 mm;
  • Plate copy machine;
  • Sawmachine up to Ø 360 mm;
  • Punchmachine: hols up to Ø45 mm;


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